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The State of America’s Children

Courtesy: Childrens Defense

A society must be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable—and most valuable—members: its children. The State of America’s Children 2020 makes it abundantly clear that by this measure, America is falling shamefully short.

For years our country has not lived up to its promise to its children, and as we enter a new decade, the situation for many children is only growing more dire. And as we reach a critical turning point in 2020, when children of color will become the majority of children in America, we are failing these children worst of all.

Within this report you will find stories, statistics, data and trends that show in the clearest terms how we are failing our children. We urge advocates, policymakers, parents and families, community and faith leaders, educators and all those who stand up for our children to use the information in this report to push for America to make a different choice. Let us choose, finally, to recognize that every single child is precious and full of potential.

Let 2020 be the year we choose to give every single child the chance to succeed.