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Feeding Medina County | Fighting Hunger and Food Insecurity

About Us

Feeding Medina County (FMC) was born to answer the immediate needs of food insecurity for Medina County residents during the 2007 Recession. During that time, FMC was packing bags of food for approximately 50 seniors and 50 middle school students. A decade later, Feeding Medina County is a leader in addressing food insecurity on every level and for every age across Medina County.

In 2010 it became apparent that the issue of food insecurity for children and senior citizens was more pervasive than first realized. FMC began providing Weekender Bags for elementary school students, who qualified for free and reduced lunches, in a few schools. During the same time FMC expanded their reach to help senior citizens living at or below the poverty line in senior housing facilities across Medina County.

In 2012 Feeding Medina County obtained its 501c3 status with the State of Ohio. With the donation of a truck, FMC was able to start working with local food pantries to help them acquire food and have it delivered at no cost. This service greatly increased the ability to feed people in their neighborhoods. The donated older truck lacked refrigeration and a lift gate which meant that food was unloaded by hand. In 2014, through the generosity of many community members, FMC was able to purchase a refrigerated box truck with an auto lift.

Today, the Free Transit Service works with 14 local food pantries across Medina County, delivering approximately half million pounds of food every year that feeds 7% of Medina County population.

Our Weekenders for Children program has grown from providing Weekender Bags to 50 children in a handful of schools, to serving every child in need, in every elementary school and Head Start program across the county. Approximately 1,000 bags are packed and distributed every week of the year. Weekenders is designed to support any child on the National Free and Reduced Lunch Program. The Weekender Bag goes home with the child each week and contains three meals and breakfast items meant to fill the gaps for children and families over the weekend.

Today, the Staples for Seniors program serves approximately 450+ seniors, living in 12 facilities across our county. Once a month those seniors receive 30+ pounds of food that includes meat, dairy and fresh produce. Most are living at or below the poverty level.

Every month FMC provides Direct Food Distributions in four locations: Brunswick, Lodi, Medina, and Wadsworth. We serve over 900 families each month through these programs.

Our Mission

Feeding Medina County nourishes our neighbors in need. 

Yearly, we provide…

Meals provided to families & individuals in need
Pounds of food delivered to local Medina County food pantries

Feeding Medina County advances equity by ensuring that all members of our community have food available to them. We are committed to being an ally and advocate for groups experiencing inequity, creating an environment where all feel welcome and accepted, challenging our own implicit biases, and growing toward a more just world.